About Joe Virnig

On my 6th birthday my dad said I could have any item sitting on his desk for my birthday present. I wasn't sure if he meant to include my mom's Hawkeye Instamatic camera as one of my choices but I claimed it as my own. So started my life long love of photography. In the 6th grade my teacher, Mr. Stoube, had a darkroom built in the classroom and I spent every hour I could learning how to process film and making prints. In highschool I was a yearbook photographer and in 1984 I received my Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. After graduation I worked in the Media Department at U.C.L.A. Medical Center for 2 years. Living in Los Angeles just didn't suit me so in 1986 I moved to Ventura County and became a Realtor. I'm sorry to say that for the next 13 years I didn't pick up a camera except to take photographs of the houses I was selling. That changed in 1999 when I created my real estate website, VenturaCountyRelocation.com . I needed some local photographs for it and couldn't find anything that really captured the true beauty of Ventura County. So I picked up a camera and started taking pictures again. Nowadays, I have my camera equipment with me always. You never know when the light will be just right or what evening will host a spectacular sunset. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy taking them.

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